Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dim Sum Lunch @ Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

The bunny was at Novotel today with Mummy and Daddy for a belated Mother's Day celebration. Our destination was Dragon Phoenix Restaurant, located at #06-00, Novotel Clark Quay.

Since the bunny had made reservations earlier with the restaurant, we were promptly ushered to our table the moment we arrived. Time seems to have stopped in the 80s the moment we stepped in. The decor is decidedly traditional with calligraphy hung on the walls and the waitresses are decked up in red uniforms. The restaurant itself isn't very big but exudes a dignified aura.

Slips of printed dim sum menu and the special lunch items menu are already on the table and we just had to fill in the quantity of the item wanted.

There was also small dish of braised peanuts appetizer ($2) that was already on the table when we arrived. It had a nice flavor but it wasn't soft enough to melt-in-your-mouth.

I have to applaud the efficiency of the restaurant as they serve up food really fast! I barely munched 2 peanuts before the first item from our order was delivered. A good thing 'cause I was super hungry!

First up was the Charcoal Roasted Pork Belly ($9) from the special lunch items menu. The pork belly was pretty decent - not too oily and the skin was cackling crispy. The meat was a little on the tough side though.

Prawn paste chicken is one of Mummy's favorite, so we had to get Dragon Phoenix's version, the Deep Fried Chicken Wing in Shrimp Paste ($8), to try. I have to say it's a big thumbs up. The chicken wings were fried to a lovely shade of golden brown when a crunchy exterior. The interior was well-done without any hint of pink yet it was still juicy. The shrimp paste smell was pretty mild and only served to add depth to the chicken's palatableness. This dish is also from the special lunch items menu.

From the dim sum menu, the Century Egg Congee ($5) was thinner than what I expected for a congee, but what it lacked in texture was made up by its taste. The congee was sweetened by the generous portions of ingredients like chicken shreds, fried wanton skins and of course chopped century egg.

The Char-Siew Buns ($4.20) are considerably good as well. The dough skin is cottony soft.

If there's a must try item, it would be the steamed rice rolls. The rice roll skin is silky smooth and simply slips down the throat yet it is still firm enough to be lifted with chopsticks. The shrimps in the Shrimp Rice Rolls ($5.20) were fresh, pink and bouncy. As for the Char Siew rice rolls ($4.80), they were delicious with the sweet, salty hoisin sauce and bits of barbequed pork between the rice roll sheets.

Close up of the Shrimp Rice Roll
Clockwise from top: Siew Mai with Fish Roe, Char Siew Rice Roll and Shrimp Rice Roll
The Siew Mai with Fish Roe ($4.80) was unfortunately lacklustre. The wanton skin was dry and the meat fillings were too salty.

In contrast, the Shrimps Dumpling ($5) were a notch higher in standard. The thickness of the dumpling skin is  just nice and the plump shrimps in the filling brought seafood-y sweetness to the dish.

The Steam Custard Dumpling with Pumpkin Skin ($4.80) is one dainty looking dim sum. It looks really adorable but wasn't really that impressive in the taste department. Somehow, it reminds me of eating Ang Ku Kueh?

Last to arrive was the Banana Prawn Roll ($4.80). It's the total opposite of the custard dumpling - drab looking but packs a punch with the tastebuds. The sweetness of the banana melds with the briny shrimps while encased in a crisp fritter.

Dragon Phoenix Restaurant is definitely in my list of the restaurants that I would visit again for good quality dim sum at value-for-money prices. The restaurant offers 50% off the dim sum menu for lunch. Do note that the promotion is not extended for the items from the special lunch items menu.


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