Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cute wedding invites spotted at BKK!

While shopping at MBK mall, guess what the bunny found?

There's this shop that sells paper by the loads and they have really adorable wedding invitation cards. It's called 555 Paperplus.

The card in the shop window that attracted my attention

Walking in, the bf and I discovered that the shop carries a variety of the wedding invitation cards and other customizable stationary. The wedding cards all have pop-up textures and feature the cartoon couple in different poses. The paper has a powdery scent and most importantly, they're so darn cute!

I couldn't resist and bought one. In case I can't find anything similar in SG, I'll at least have a sample for the printers to take reference from.

The cards aren't at all expensive either. The card pictured above is only 18 Baht, which works out to be about S$0.78.

Since we still have plenty of time, the search for our wedding invites still continues on...

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