Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bunny goes to Bangkok - Baiyoke Sky Hotel Review

The bunny and the bf took a short trip to Bangkok over the weekend for some well-deserved R&R. For this vacation, we booked Baiyoke Sky Hotel to be our accommodation in Thailand.

We intended for this to be a 3D2N vacation, but somehow, I booked a later flight (I admit that's my fault!) so with the hotel airport transfer (1,000 baht per car), we arrived at the hotel about 9ish pm. The porters were very friendly and helpful and directed us to lobby, which is at the 18th storey, for check-in.

The reception area is kind of tired looking and here comes grouse #1.
The receptionist that served us was terribly inefficient and gave us the wrong information! Our room was supposed to be a junior suite but they had no more such rooms with king sized bed, so she grudgingly said that she would upgrade us to a superior suite for 1 night and will have to change rooms the next day. She was super slow in processing the check in and had a reallyyyy flustered demeanour. We didn't need to change rooms after all, and this wasted lots of time on the 2nd day since we had to queue and confirm with the other members of the staff.

Grouse #2
You know how hotel photo galleries show bright, cheery pictures of their rooms and facilities? Baiyoke Sky's website is no different but the actual thing turned out VERY different! The hotel is badly in need of a freshen up. The walkway from the lift to our room at the 57th floor was dark and musty. Our room was not much better either - Lights were dim and cannot be adjusted; the sofa and chairs had stains on them; the filter of the electric kettle looked mouldy. The creep factor is pretty high in the room. I had the constant feeling of a presence looking at me. *shudders*

Spot the stains...
Grouse #3
The hotel missed out "perks" that were supposed to be in our package. I didn't notice till we've checked out that our package included welcome drinks and sweets set that we weren't given. Our free 1 hour wifi was almost stiffed as well, had we not insisted on it. DO check your entitlements carefully if you're intending to stay here!

Ok, I'm done with complaining, so the following are my compliments for the hotel.

Compliment #1
The location of the hotel is central and very convenient if you're intending to head to shopping malls such as MBK and Platinum Mall. Platinum Mall is actually within walking distance, which took me about 15-20 mins (the bunny has short legs and bad stamina, so it's likely that you'll walk faster than me). The metered cab fare to MBK is about 50 baht. The hotel also provides free shuttle service that travels to the above mentioned malls. Pratunam market is just right below the hotel.

Compliment #2
The room service is rather decent and reasonably priced. On the 1st night that we reached, we were really tired and hungry so room service was the obvious choice. Food was brought to the room in half an hour and while the taste wasn't knock-my-socks off fantastic, it's good enough. Be warned, the fries are super salty!

L to R: Sashimi & Sushi Plate (250 Baht), Hamburger Steak (300 Baht), Thai Omelette (180 Baht iirc)
Compliment #3
The view from Baiyoke is incredible. Baiyoke Sky is supposedly the tallest skyscraper in Bangkok. From our room at the 57th floor, we were already taller than the surrounding buildings. This offered us a bird's eye view of the city.

Compliment #4
The hotel is somewhat of an attraction by itself, so there's plenty to do even if you don't step out of the hotel.
Starting from the top, there's a revolving observation deck at the 84th floor for a view of the city. At 77th floor, there are a few themed photo corners such as hot air balloon, tuk tuk and a nostalgic old shop front.Of course, how can I miss out on the souvenir shops available at the ground level?


And that concludes our 2D2N stay at Baiyoke Sky Hotel. It is an adequate hotel but the bf and I both agreed that we're definitely looking for another hotel should we take another vacation at the land of smiles.

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