Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bing Bian - An affair with ice @ Millenia Walk

With increasing popularity of Taiwanese desserts, Bing Bian is another new outlet that is hopping on the bandwagon. This sweets shop is situated at #01-105, Millenia Walk.

Bing Bian's menu has an impressive selection of different shaved ice and yu yuan (taro ball) sets. The shop sells Nasi Lemak as well, which I thought to be quite unusual since their cuisine is decidedly Taiwanese.

Well, enough said. Here's the bunny's review on the Soya Yu Yuan ice set ($4.90)...

The ice set is composed of soya ice, taro and sweet potato balls, pearls and azuki beans.

Of the entire bowl, the taro and sweet potato balls were the highlight. They were bouncy and chewy and retained the fragrance of tubers.

Things just started downhill from there... The azuki beans and pearls were pretty average. The soya ice's texture was far too sticky for my liking. Also, the ice had a very strong soy smell that overwhelms the other ingredients when eaten together, including the yu yuan.

In short, the ice set did not impress.

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