Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ah Chiang Porridge

This visit, the bf and the bunny headed to Ah Chiang Porridge at 65 Tiong Poh Road to fill our tummies. The eatery is situated in a coffee-shop and popular with many taxi-uncles who visit for Ah Chiang's Cantonese-style porridge.

Raw fish, the Chinese equivalent of sashimi, is one of the specialties here as well. The dish is served with spring onions, chili slices and ginger shreds. Fish is pretty fresh so there's no fishy odor but it would have been better if it was served with more sesame oil.

There are two kinds here, the usual raw fish ($3.20) and the premium Saito raw fish ($5.30). Here's the picture comparison between the two:

The saito fish is much much sweeter than the normal raw fish!

After a realllllyyyyy long wait, our mains finally reached the table. The bf had the fish + mixed pork porridge, which contains minced pork, liver ($4.80) while my order was for the century egg + sliced & minced pork ($4.80).

Fish + mixed pork porridge
Century egg + sliced & minced pork porridge
The bowls of porridge were served piping hot and given that there's no air-conditioning, be prepared to perspire - a lot! I give Ah Chiang's two thumbs up for the texture of the porridge. It's silky smooth and very creamy. However, it was lackluster in the taste department. Both bowls of porridge were on the bland side. Somehow, the fragrance of the ingredients didn't seem to be infused into the porridge. The bf was commenting that standards of the porridge dropped.

The bunny trying to finish her porridge...
I would say that food at Ah Chiang's Porridge is decent but not yet "knock my socks off" standard.

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