Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery

I love breakfast foods, even more so when I don't have to wake up early for it. That's exactly the reason why I adore joints that serve whole day breakfast on their menu. Of these, Wild Honey is undeniably one of the more famous. They have 2 outlets, at Scotts Square, and the other at Mandarin Gallery, where the bf and I visited for dinner (ironic I know..).

The place gave off a cozy, homely feel with stuffed sofas and warm lighting from candles. It was pretty quiet when we arrived, probably because our visit was mid-week.

There's no printed menu, so head up to the counter where the offerings are written on the blackboards, or refer to their iPad if you need an illustration.

Service was really slow. The bf waited for more than 20 minutes to get his Scandinavian ($28++) while the bunny waited even longer for the weekly special, New England Crab Cakes ($34++). I was quite sure that the entire restaurant could hear my stomach growling.

I'm not quite sure if the Scandinavian breakfast is really this heavy, with grilled salmon and asparagus served on a bed of rosti and topped with hollandaise sauce. However, Wild Honey's version is pretty yummy. The bf couldn't stop gushing how perfectly done the fish was - charred on the outside and the inside was still pink and juicy, and it wasn't at all overcooked. The rosti has it's own merits too. The crunchiness of this fried potato ignites a symphony the moment you cut it with the knife and continues on in your mouth when chewed. Best part? It's not at all greasy.

When my crab cakes arrived, I swore I was going to faint from hunger if the folks at Wild Honey took a minute longer. Having said that, I did take little time to admire the dish; its presentation of poached eggs, crab cakes and brioche assembled almost into a work of art.

The poached eggs were great with a runny centre and the brioche with a nice buttery, savoury taste. Sadly, the crab cakes just did not measure up. The crab cakes just lacked the taste of the sea and the red diced pepper in the cakes took the spotlight away from the crab meat.

Overall, food is decent and prices are reasonable. Lesson learnt: stick to the usual items on the menu.

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