Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tonkotsu King @ Orchid Hotel

Located at #01-19, Orchid Hotel, there's always a long longggg queue at Tonkotsu King. This time, I was determined to try the ramen that has been much raved about. Hence, the bf was dragged to Tanjong Pagar last Sat.
The place is reminiscent of a typical Japanese eatery - very small and cozy. I would estimate that there's only 10 - 12 tables, which would explain a lot about the permanent queue outside. We reached at 5.45pm and there was already a queue! We were in the middle of the queue and got the one of the last few seats when dinner started at 6pm. While queuing, staff handed out chits for us to order.

Selection is kinda limited, but it's quality that counts here. There are 3 kinds of soup - Tonkotsu, Black Spicy and Red Spicy. Diners have to decide if they want just the basic ramen, with japanese seaweed/ flavored egg, or all in.  I would strongly recommend that you don't skip the flavored egg as it's really good!

The taste of the soup, amount of oil and noodle texture can also be customized based on one's preference. Since it was our first time here, the bf and I picked "Normal" for all the above for my Tonkotsu Ramen Special and his Black Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen Special.

As we waited for our ramen to be served, we snacked on the free flow of bean sprouts and hard boiled eggs provided on every table. The bean sprouts were lightly seasoned and very crunchy. This is coming from some bunny who usually hates bean sprouts so the bf was really surprised when I relished the sprouts. As for the eggs, well, they were just plain hard boiled eggs and I swear that I'd have loved Tonkotsu King more if the free flow eggs were the flavored ones.

Staff handed out black and white sesame seeds in little pestle and mortar while we were waiting for the ramen for us to ground ourselves.

After about a 10 minutes wait from the time we ordered, the main event finally reached our table. 

Black Spicy

The Tonkotsu Ramen is really good! The pork broth is creamy and full-bodied. The noodles were springy when chewed. The chasyu is tender without being overly fatty. Andddddd... the flavored egg is well-flavored with a soft center, just the way I like it. For my next visit (yes, I'll definitely revisit), I'll probably check the option for less oil. It's just too sinful. 

As for the bf's Black Spicy Tonkotsu, one sip of the soup sent me chugging copious amount of ice-water - it's just too spicy for me.

I'd say that Tonkotsu King is one ramen joint that is worth queuing and waiting for. Highly recommended!

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