Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Customized Rings

The bf and I had been shopping for quite sometime for our engagement and wedding rings. Somehow, none of the jewellers we visited, including high end ones like Cartier, suited us.

So, the bf decided to take matters in his own hands and designed the rings that were uniquely ours...

It was pure chance (and Google) that led us to eClarity, situated at Shaw Centre, #16-12/13. There, we met Amanda and her team, a friendly and professional bunch, who helped to translate the bf's ring ideas into drawings and ultimately the actual rings. Do note that eClarity operates by appointment only, so give the lovely folks a call before you head down.

The bf's concept was quite straight forward. The three rings, when put together, form the bow of my fav character (no prizes for guessing which one!). When separated, the wedding bands have a simple petal design while the engagement ring (the middle of the bow) is a nice diamond ring.

My list of accolades: 
To the bf - for putting in so much effort and thoughts into the rings.
To eClarity - a big thank you for helping us with our special request. 

Our rings are also featured on eClarity's Facebook page and here's the picture lifted from the page, which contains the rough sketches, JewelCAD drawings and of course the bf and I wearing the rings.

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