Monday, March 11, 2013

Ippudo @ Mandarin Orchard

The bunny is going through a ramen-craving phase so here we are at Ippudo, #04-02/03/04 of Mandarin Gallery.

The place is a far cry from Tonkotsu King, which the bf and I visited very recently. While Tonkotsu King is small and homely, Ippudo just screams atas with it's spaciousness and loud decor (and of course prices!).

Open kitchen concept
We had hot green tea which is served in a pot. It's not free flow, charged $4 per pot.

I had the Shiromaru Tamago ($18) which is ramen served in original tonkotsu broth, with a flavored egg. I had high expectations for Ippudo but it fell flat once I tasted the ramen. Yes, the broth was delicious - thick and flavorful. However, other components of the ramen simply wasn't up to expectations. Though I opted "normal" for the hardness of the noodles, it was limp and flour-y. The chashu tasted like it came out from a can. Horrors of all horrors, the flavored egg was tasteless and overcooked, with the yolk centre stiffer than its supposed runny, molten state! At $3 per egg, this is simply not acceptable!

The bf chose a different ramen - Akamaru Kakuni ($21). It has the same tonkotsu soup base as the Shiromaru, but added miso and garlic oil and served with pork cubes. The soup was alright though it was oily. The bf shared my sentiments that the noodles weren't springy enough.

In my opinion, ramen at Ippudo is definitely edible but have no wow factor. The only thing impressive is the price of the ramen - it's way overpriced! With all the raves Ippudo is getting, it's hard to believe the standard of the ramen that was served to us - hopefully, it's just one of the bad days.

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