Friday, March 8, 2013

Ikea's $0.10 Meatballs

To reintroduce their meatballs after the horse meat contamination scare, Ikea restaurants at Alexandra and Tampines sold their meatballs at 10 cents a piece. The promotion is only for today.

I have to say that this is a really successful marketing campaign!

Though the queue for the meatballs is insane, kudos to Ikea for their top notch service and food quality. I reckon that there were about 40-50 patrons in front of me in the queue when I was at the Alexandra branch earlier. However, within 30 minutes, I had my meatballs on the tray and was in front of the cashier to pay. The efficiency of Ikea's staff is simply commendable! What's more, staff periodically checked with customers in the queue if they were there for the meatballs, otherwise, special arrangements were made so that they got priority.

I was half expecting the food to be lousier given how frantic staff were trying to keep up with the diners. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised when I bit into my chicken wing - crispy and juicy, keeping up with the usual standards. It's my cheapest meal ever in Ikea and without any compromise.

GREAT JOB guys! You have definitely won the hearts of many customers.

On the flip side, this promotion revealed Singaporean's ugliest side. Many bought too much and left plates of half-eaten meatballs. Tsk tsk at the food wastage.

3 young ladies just in front of me epitomized "kiasu-ism". They were openly packing hundreds of meatballs into containers even though the meatballs were expressly dine-in only, just like the aunties reported on STOMP. They even brought Glad wrap with them. Seriously, the amount was enough to feed a family of four for a week if they ate them 3 meals a day!

And yes... their pictures are below.

This is only part of the stash. There were at least 3 huge bags filled with containers.

The culprits
Another pic of the culprits.

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