Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tonkichi @ Isetan Scotts

I've been skiving a bit on my blogging these few days and I blame Candy Crush for it.. haha..

Tonkichi is under the Pokka Food umbrella, like Domani and Rive Gauche. If you tend to frequent these restaurants, or often buy cakes from Rive Gauche (like me), the Pokka Card is quite a worthwhile investment. There are certain days (for Tonkichi, it's the 1st and 3rd Wed of the month) where members enjoy a whopping 25% discount.

This review is on Tonkichi at Isetan Scotts, level 4. The bf and I visited the place on the eve of CNY eve. It was a pretty productive day - I bought my Hello Kitty nail stickers, the bf picked up his charger and we finally collected our wedding and engagement rings (but that's for another post...).

Back to topic, the interior of the restaurant is thematic and reminiscent of a cozy Japanese eatery.

My order was the Tonkotsu Ramen Set ($26.90) to share, while the bf had the Shoyu Ramen ($14.90).

The bf usually likes his food salty, so I was surprised that he said that the soup of his Shoyu Ramen was too salty.

My Tonkotsu Ramen didn't fare much better either. One glance at the ramen and I knew that the soup was going to disappoint and true enough, it was not the thick, creamy pork bone soup I expected. Nonetheless, the bowl of ramen had its redeeming points. The noodles were springy and the flavored egg was perfect with a soft, runny center.

The set comes with a side dish and a choice of tonkatsu. For me, I chose the Agedashi Tofu and Hire Katsu.

The tofu is really really soft. It crumbled the moment I tried to lift it with my chopsticks.

I have to say, the highlight of this meal was the Hire katsu! I was initially torn between the hire and rosu katsu until the waiter helpfully pointed out the the hire had less fats and so hire it was. The hire was juicy and tender while the crumbs on the outside were deep fried into a crunchy golden brown. The best part? It didn't feel oily at all.

The meal was accompanied with sesame seeds in a small mortar and pestle. The fragrance of the sesame was released by gently pounding the seeds. The crushed sesame went well with the hire katsu. The bf even wanted to ask if Tonkichi sells their sesame seeds!

Service wise, staff were polite and helpful, but seemed somewhat frazzled as more and more diners streamed into the place during dinner time. Overall, I would recommend their Tonkatsu, but not other dishes.

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