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Food factory sales part 4: CNY Specials @ Woodlands Terrace

This is the 4th post in the series of articles on food sales where the bunny explores the various food factories in Singapore for good deals.

Woodlands Terrace is the heart of the food manufacturing area in Woodlands. Here, the bunny checks out goodies available from the factories.

My first stop was Fragrance Foodstuff, at 60 Woodlands Terrace.

Lots of CNY goodies are for sale, ranging from frozen meats in the fridges, festive sweets and snacks, and of course bak kwa. Mummy and I grabbed a big nian gao ($5.50), smoked duck breast (3 for $10) and peanut candies (3 for $2.70)

Just a few steps away was Boon Tong Kee, 52 Woodlands Terrace. Here, shoppers can find dry goods such as fried fish maw and Boon Tong Kee's sauces.

Park Food Manufacturing is next to Boon Tong Kee, at 50 Woodlands Terrace. They sell the Lion Dance brand meat balls which my family usually buys.

My next stop was Wang Foong, 48 Woodlands Terrace.

Wang Foong carries House of Gourmet foods. When I first walked in, I thought that it past the closing time as there was no one around. Then, I realized that there was a small show room on the left. There's lots of cured meats and marinated meats such as gourmet sausages, bacon, varieties of ham, and chicken. We picked up bratwurst sausages ($19.50, 1kg), picnic ham ($5.50, 500gm), and cheese cocktail sausages.

Slightly further down lies Fassler, 46 Woodlands Terrace. Fassler was my main target for this trip to Woodlands and I was aiming for fresh fish and smoked salmon.

Most of the fish stocks are in the walk-in refrigerator. There's a rack of coats near the entrance if you need to borrow one. I have to say, it's really cold! I was complaining about the heat and sun but 10mins in the cold room and I had to hop out.

Here's to give an idea of what is available at Fassler's. I spotted shark's fin, cod fish, ebiko ($6), salmon fillets, sashimi grade salmon ($11, 300gm), varieties of smoked salmon (traditional, herbs, black pepper), tuna steak, frozen packet soups (mushroom, clam chowder), fresh portabello mushrooms that were almost as big as my palm ($6.50 per pack of 6). I had a pretty good haul here: Shisamo ($10, 1kg), smoked salmon ($38, 1kg), yu sheng set and sashimi salmon.

My second last stop was at Li Chuan Food Products, 40 Woodlands Terrace.

At Li Chuan's, shoppers will be able to get steamboat ingredients. They specialize in fish cakes and fish balls.
I spotted Angry Birds fish cakes and they're so adorable that I couldn't resist buying them (3 packs for $5). I believe that they'll be a hit with kids as well.

Finally, our last stop for the day was at Foodedge Gourmet.

Foodedge carries a variety of items, such as cakes, breads, cooked pasta, sauces and dips and ice-cream. When I reached Foodedge, it quickly became apparent why the place was so crowded. There's food sampling going on and the company is not all stingy with the samples. Kids and adults alike were stuffing themselves with the platters of cakes and requesting for ice-cream.

If you're heading to Woodlands Terrace, be sure to bring plenty of cash. Most of the factories here do not accept NETS or credit card and there's no ATMs nearby.

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