Monday, February 4, 2013

California Pizza Kitchen @ Forum

The bf decided that he wanted pizza for dinner on Sat night, so off to California Pizza Kitchen we went...

We started with the Cabo crab cake ($16.90). It's actually one of the best crab cake that I've tasted in a while. The patty itself was thick and stuffed with crab meat that is fresh and sweet. Also, the salsa that accompanied the crab cakes was light on the palette and serves to remove any oily aftertaste.

Our main was their signature Peking Duck Pizza ($21.90) and we opted for thin crust (additional $2). The pizza is topped with crispy wonton skin, shiitake mushroom, duck slices, spring onion and hoisin sauce. If the standard of the signature pizza is anything indication to go by, I'm definitely giving other food in the menu a miss. The pizza is painfully mediocre. Firstly, the chef was really stingy on the duck. Secondly, the hoisin sauce was far too salty and numbed our tongues. As for the pizza base, it was floury. Even though the sides of the crust was crispy, the middle is under-baked and too chewy (I was struggling to cut it with my knife!). I'll rather have Timbre's version any day.

Service wise, the bf and I were rather taken aback by the rudeness of the service staff. When we asked if there were promotions with any credit card, the waiter stared intently at the bf's wallet and looked away only when the bf placed his card on the check folder. Shouldn't you at least look at the person you are speaking to?! Well, that's not all. Another member of the staff, a waitress this time, returned the check to us. After the bf signed the check, the waitress didn't even bother to return the card and receipts to us. Instead, she glanced and nudged at the check folder, indicating that we should self-service. The staff definitely need lessons on customer service.

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