Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nam Nam Noodle Bar @ Raffles City

The bunny met up with a Vietnamese friend and had dinner at Nam Nam Noodle Bar, #B1-46. This no frills restaurant is fairly new and dishes up Vietnamese food headed by Nam Quoc Nguyen, chef of Annam Viet Restaurant.

At Nam Nam Noodle Bar, diners have to go up to the counter to order. There are order chits and pencils provided on every table in a traditional looking tin cup. Mark your orders on the chit, pay at the counter and waiters/waitresses will serve the food at your table.

I was apprehensive about dinner at Nam Nam as I had a rather horrible experience with Vietnamese food during my trip to Hanoi last year. When my friend told me that Nam Nam serves food that is most similar to food in her hometown in Singapore, I was already thinking that I wouldn't like the food here.

The Banh Mi, or Vietnamese Baguette, totally changed my impression on Vietnamese food for the better! I had the Pork Meat Balls, Pork Pate ($5.90). The bread is fresh and crusty while the pate was creamy and pork meat ball provided bite. Coupled with the vegetables, the sandwich is a well-balanced meal by itself. If you can't stomach spicy food, I suggest that you remove the green chilies that is part of the veggies. The serving is pretty big and I could only finish half of my baguette.

Nam Nam accepts cash ad credit cards (for orders above $30). There's no service charge and the price shown on the menu is inclusive of GST.

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