Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Beauty Diary 2-Step Asia Brightening Pack

The Asia Brightening Pack is one of the 5 continents-themed mask released by My Beauty Diary. For this pack, Job's-tears Brightening Mask is paired with Wild Yam Hydra Cream.

The Job's tears mask is supposed to brighten, increase translucency, reduce discoloration and even out skin tone. (By the way, if you're like me and have no idea what in the world is Job's tears, it's actually Chinese pearl barley.) As for the Wild Yam cream, it works to reduce wrinkles, hydrates and repairs skin. Ingredients of the mask and the cream can be found in the picture below.

Due to late nights and my busy schedule recently, my skin has turned into a dull-yellowish shade. (It also explains why this review is sooooo overdue!) I was really hoping that the pack would help to alleviate my problem.

The moment I tore the packaging open, I could smell the fragrance that was added to the Job's tears mask. It's not unpleasant, but I found it to be just a little overpowering. With the mask on, I could feel my skin drinking in the serum. 20 mins later, my skin is more hydrated but I didn't get the perk-me-up effect I was hoping for.

The Wild Yam Hydra Cream is not too heavy, but despite massaging, it leaves a sticky feeling on my skin. I felt that it was too oily for me as well.

I so wanted to love this pack with its promises of bright and hydrated skin. Sadly, the My Beauty Diary 2-Step Asia Brightening Pack is just not for me.

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