Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Food for Thought @ Botanic Gardens

Food for Thought is nestled within Botanic Gardens, located at B1, Botany Centre, Tanglin Gate Entrance.

The restaurant was relatively empty when the bf and I reached, so we had the choice of seats, either indoors (with air-conditioning) or al fresco. Copies of the menu are available on each table. The order process is pretty much self-service here: Pick your seats, decided what you want to eat, order and pay at the counter and wait for the food to be served to your table.

Food for Thought is a family-friendly restaurant. That is to say, expect screams that are likely to induce headaches or damage eardrums permanently and little whirlwinds that can bump into unknowing passer-bys. The entire concept of the restaurant resembles an old school canteen.

We had the Full All-Day Breakfast ($20), which came with scrambled eggs, bacon, butter toast, hash browns, roasted tomato salad, chicken sausage and garlic mushrooms. The serving is huge - unless you have a very good appetite, the Full is meant for sharing. The garlic mushrooms were my fave, with its meaty texture and tinge of garlic flavor.

The chicken wings (3 for $6) were nothing out of the ordinary. They were soggy and greasy.

Things just went downhill when I tasted the Earl Grey Semifreddo Parfait ($6.50). Instead of the semi-frozen mousse I was looking forward to, the parfait was goopy at the sides while ice crystals were abundant in the middle. The apicot-lemon compote didn't complement the earl grey at all and was much too sour.

It's apparent that breakfast foods are the star at Food for Thought. It's a good thing that the restaurant serves them till 5pm with no service charge. There's no way I'll be able to stomach wailing kids early in the morning.

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