Sunday, January 20, 2013

Domani Cafe @ Ngee Ann City

I've walked past Domani Cafe, located at #B2-37 of Ngee Ann City numerous times but have never gave it a try until now.
The bf and I waited for more than 10 mins at the cafe entrance, despite the fact that there were empty seats available. It seemed to me that the restaurant is pretty short-handed. There were 3 service staff present but all looked harried and empty tables were not cleared.

On this visit, we were after the Domani Delight Course ($26.90++), which was prominently featured at the door, to share. In this set meal, diners get to choose a salad or soup + pasta + main. Our choice was Bruschetta Salmon & Cream Cheese, Fettuccine al Pollo and Hamburger Steak.

Service is really really slow. I was practically starving.

The Bruschetta Salmon & Cream Cheese is a piece of bread, with cream cheese spread and topped with a smoked salmon slice. The dish was not bad (not sure if my perception was affected because I was too hungry). The bread was fresh and warmed and the smoked salmon wasn't overly salty. 

While I had no illusions that the pasta and main were going to be full sized (since I was only going to pay $26), I wasn't quite expecting the two items to be served together on a single plate. For one thing, the sauces of the pasta and hamburger mixed in the middle and resulted in a super salty cream. Yucks!

Fettuccine al Pollo = fettucine chicken ragout with mix mushroom topped with sour cream. The fettuccine is done al dente and very creamy, with a generous amount of mushrooms present. It was too creamy and heavy in fact and I got sick of it just after 2 bites. The hamburger fared slightly better with the brown sauce infused with the earthy favor of mushrooms.

Just a tip if you need to dash out of the cafe after your meal - walk up to the counter and pay. The cashier processed our bill on the spot. Otherwise, join the long line of those whose cash/cards are lying on the bar counter waiting for the next available waiter/waitress to dispatch back to their rightful owners. If you're a Pokka card member, present your card before payment to get 10% off.

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