Monday, January 14, 2013

Culina @ Dempsey Hill

If you haven't visited Culina before, just imagine an up-market grocery store with an adjunct bistro. It's located at Blk 8, Dempsey Hill, #01-13.

The establishment prides itself as one of Singapore's leading purveyors of fine foods and wine. The bunny took a quick tour before sitting down for dinner and spotted gourmet ingredients that can't be found at supermarts like your neighbourhood Fairprice - just to name a few: assorted spices, truffle oil ($50 a bottle), fresh veggies like cherry tomatoes on vine, live oysters, meats such as cuts of Kobe beef ($27+ per 100g) and duck leg ($2.15 per 100g). 

The bistro was super packed this Saturday evening. I definitely recommend making reservations before dropping by.

Once the bf & I placed our orders, we were served bread with truffle oil and vinegar blend. The bread was slightly on the chewy side.

Our started arrived 15 mins later. The tuna loin ($25) was a generous hunk of fish served on greens (I loved the tomatoes, they're really sweet) and complemented with a tangy citrus sauce. Lightly seasoned with sea salt and black pepper, the fish is seared to a crisp on the exterior while the middle is still pink and juicy.

The Castaing duck leg confit ($32) was served next. The meat was easy to separate from the bones but parts were sinewy, not as tender as I would have liked. On a brighter note, the skin of the duck is well browned to a crisp. Also, the beans that came with the duck were really creamy and very nearly melted in my mouth.

Last but not least, my favourite part of the meal - dessert! Though the menu states Raspberry crème brulee, there were no more than 2 tiny blobs of raspberry in the ramekin, under the caramel layer. Having said that, the dessert is worth every penny of its $12 price tag. The custard was cold, smooth, rich, thick, creamy and had specks of real vanilla beans inside. The caramel was a thin layer that cracked easily with the spoon. Given its thinness , the layer didn't cause the dessert to be overly sweet.

Service staff were friendly but not adequately attentive.We were originally seated at the bar and were promised that we will be given a table once there's one available. However, the bf and I had to point out that someone had left and asked for the table before we were moved. In addition, it took a long time for us to catch the attention of staff for them to serve the dessert; an equally long time was taken to get our bill as well.

If for nothing else, I'll definitely return to Culina soon for their crème brulee. Oh, and the price on Culina's menu is what you pay for - nett. 


  1. do they sell italian 00 flour and parmesan cheese

    1. I saw parmesan cheese but I'm not sure about the flour