Friday, January 25, 2013

1 Market by Chef Wan @ Plaza Sing

Drawn by curiosity, the bunny visited the Malaysian celebrity chef's first restaurant that is now open in the new wing of Plaza Singapura, #04-45.

I guess the hype on the halal buffet has died down a little. There's no insane queues like what I witnessed during the opening week when the bf and I reached at 6ish pm. Without reservation, we were seated within 15mins.

The buffet serves food from Indonesian, Thailand, Vietnam, Japanese and local cuisines. There are about 10 stations, prominent ones are the barbeque meats, laksa, popiah, and rojak stations.

Just some of the spread available

There's a lot of variety available at 1 Market. Sadly, there's quantity but no quality. To cite a few examples, the sashimi (salmon, tuna, octopus) didn't taste fresh. Also, chicken in dishes such as the Thai green curry were super tough.

I had fun at the rojak station where patrons had to make their own rojak. The sauce is already prepared so diners basically had to put in the fruits/veggies/dough fritters, add the sauce and mix.

The sauce is on the watery side but carried the strong taste of prawn paste. It was a disappointment that the dough fritters tasted really really flat - hard, and flat.

My favorite in the buffet is the assorted keropok. They're fresh and crispy. The sambal shrimp chili that was at the side added a spicy kick when paired with with the crackers.


I wasn't exactly bowled over by the desserts. The selection is pretty big, ranging from more traditional sweets such as cheng teng to western creations such as waffles and ice-cream. However, taste was so-so.

1 Market is definitely not a buffet that I intend to revisit. For the price of $34.80++, there are lots of buffets out there that serves fresh, quality food.