Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wavve Grill & Chill @ Orange Tee Building

The bf and the bunny were in the Toa Payoh area for some shopping and decided to walk-in to Wavve, which is located at level 1 of Orange Tee Building, for their Spanish buffet ($24++).

Since it was slightly earlier than 6.30pm, we decided to order drinks and wait for the buffet to start. The interior is dark and looks more of a pub than a restaurant. I could hardly see the menu.

6.30pm came and went but the staff gave no indication that the buffet started. I had to go up to the counter, because all the staff seemed to be looking in the opposite direction when I waved for attention, to check. Even then, the staff debated among themselves if the buffet was ready for diners. It was a case of poor management, pure and simple.

Food selection was limited and some of the dishes were not labeled.

My peeve was with the duck salad. There's not a single piece of duck! I actually rummaged through the entire salad bowl to try to find the duck but there was none. Veggies and fruits yes, duck zero.

They had some dishes that I thought tasted pretty good, such as the churrasco pork, nachos (cheese sauce was cold though) and the bf loved the bacon items, like the bacon wrapped dates and bacon wrapped asparagus.

The churrasco section was extremely limited - one stick of pork, beef, chicken, sausage in the tray and that's it. There's a waiter that serves the churrasco but he really doled out the meats. Each time I went, he only gave me a super small portion. Perhaps he's hinting that I should eat less? Hmm...

We didn't touch the desserts, as there were so many flies around and it was seriously annoying, not to mention, a hygiene issue as well. Yucks.

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