Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Singpost's horrible service

Dear Singpost,

I am really appalled by your pathetic attempt at service. What was intended as happy shopping experience for Christmas gifts got totally ruined by your inability to provide accurate updates, prompt delivery and this is compounded by your apathetic customer service officers.

Orders were place with Sunnanz, one of Singapore Post's corporate customers and uses SMARTPAC to fulfill and despatch the goods. The goods were sent out on 13 Dec and I was given the tracking number SM000100211SG. In your own words on your website, http://www.singpost.com/delivery-solutions/smartpac.html, you said:
SmartPac is a postage-paid postal service for delivery anywhere in Singapore, the next working day for a fixed price.  

  • Pick up a SmartPac and Enhanced efficiency – Assured next day door-step delivery*.
  • Peace of mind – Proof of delivery with complete reliability^.
  • Greater convenience – Enjoy free delivery and pick-up#.
  • Better value – Comes with free packaging box and only $4.70 for delivery up to 3kg.
  • Track & Trace – With easy online access, always know where your package is 24/7.
  • In that sense, shouldn't my parcel reach me on the 14th? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and take it as the parcel was mailed out after the cut of time (not likely as your officers picked the parcel from Sunnanz office in Pasir Ris).

    That brings to my next point on your inaccurate tracking system. I got a huge shock on 17 Dec when the status was updated to Item delivered (to Door / Letterbox). My package was nowhere to be found and since it's after 6pm, I could not contact anyone from Singpost.

    The very next morning, today, at 8, I called your service hotline 1605 and your officer told me that she would open a case number and investigate and would only revert in 3 working days. The wait is ridiculous. Why should I, as the customer, be penalized by your inability? As I was in a rush to get to work, I hung up the phone after your office committed to expediting the process.

    Close to noon, I called again. This time, Jerry answered the call. Apparently, the customer service side have not even contacted the dispatch side. I insisted that Jerry pass the phone to someone who can help me more substantially. After being put on hold for more than 5 minutes, I was referred to Louise. Again, I had to insist that Louise contact the dispatch to give me an explanation - I told her that I was willing to wait on the line while she made that call. In the end, she promised that she will call me back after checking with the dispatch manager.

    Almost an hour later, I finally got a call back. Louise explained that the parcel was scanned wrongly and was still at the dispatch area. My parcel will reach me the same day before 6.

    What kind of a half baked excuse are you playing at Singpost? Scanned wrongly? What is the tracking number for then? Why is the scanning is done so haphazardly? Between 8 to noon, what were your officers doing? If I had not insisted and stood firm in my request, I have to wait 3 days to get a reply? This experience totally defeats the purpose of the premium paid to ensure safe passage and on time delivery. What are your procedures to ensure that packages reach their rightful owners? After the numerous complaints (just search on google if you are unaware of your shortcomings), are you ever going to improve your service?

    It is really discomfiting for me, as a paying customer, that a parcel with a valid tracking number, correct address can have the package go missing. It's time you buck up.


    1. Oh gosh. Now I am worry. I just ordered something from Sasa and usually Sasa always use Singpot to send me my stuff. The problem I always get from singpost is that it took forever 20-45 days for stuff to get to me because I live oversea and the BIGGEST problem with singpost, for me, is that singpost never update the status on their website! SO I never know when I will get my stuff because all the website has on the status is always "dispatch to destination".

      1. Hi May,
        Trust me when I say that I know exactly how you feel. Nowadays, I try to opt for other courier services like Ta-q-bin when available. It's more pricey but nothing beats peace of mind. One thing I've learnt is to always be firm when communicating with Singpost.

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    2. Hi may! have you got your package already? i also ordered from sasa and they used singpost. it's been two weeks already since sasa dispatched my order but still i can't seem to track my package.=(

    3. SmartPac is completely unreliable and uninsured. I've had a package delivered to my neighbour, and SingPost after their "investigation" insist that they delivered it and would not compensate anything. 2 weeks later our neighbour returned it to us. I recently sent out a package via SmartPac, and my recipient never received it. Again, SingPost says their postman signed off the delivery to the mailbox, and therefore it's considered correctly delivered. Biggest joke? Supposedly, if they admit they lost the package, all they need to compensate you is 3 more SmartPacs, which is what failed you in the first place.

    4. Mailed twice using smartpac service and my both experiences was terrible!! Both of the waiting time was more than 3 days! so unreliable

    5. Experienced their horrible SmartPac service 1st hand. As no one answered the door during delivery, Singpost claimed they put the items in the letterbox. And Singpost does not have any proof, just their word against yours. Compensation is 3 more horrible SmartPacs!