Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paul @ Takashimaya

The bunny had sampled some of the sweets at Paul previously and decided to re-visit for dinner with the bf since we were already in the vicinity.

The mains weren't bad but it was disappointingly average.

I had the Crusty Turkey Breast ($24.90), part of Paul's festive menu while the bf had Sirloin Steak ($28.90). Granted, my turkey was moist, but crusty?? The muscle was covered in whitish breadcrumbs that looked and tasted half undone. As for the steak, we wanted it to be medium, but it turned out medium-well instead.

The only redeeming part of this meal was the Creme Brulee ($7.90). The custard was smooth, thick and cool while the layer of crisp caramel shell at the top shattered beautifully under my spoon.

My advice - stick to the sweets and pastries at Paul. The mains are so not worth the wait and price.

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