Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New toy - Nexus 7

I'm actually writing this post with my brand new Nexus 7 from Google playstore.

Thank you DHL for expediting and delivering on Christmas day, 3 days earlier than the expected delivery date. It's a great Christmas present!

My Nexus 7 is the 32gb with 3g model which Asus has just released a few days back in Singapore for $499. I spent about only $400 inclusive of shipping to get my new toy. Savings = $99. 

It's not difficult to order from Google while in Singapore. Simply install a program that hides your IP address, key in the address of a transhipper (I used hopshopgo, because they partner DHL) for Google to ship your item to and wait to get your device in the comfort of your home. Some credit cards aren't able to go through, my UOB Lady's card is one is one of them, even though Master cards are rumored to have more success. In the end, my DBS debit card passed through Google's system without a glitch. 

There's a detailed thread on Hardwarezone with ordering instructions. 

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