Monday, December 17, 2012

Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant

The bunny was at Far East Plaza to shop for my 7" tablet at shops like WhyMobile, Mobile Square with no break (or stocks for that matter) and the bf decided to give it a try to get seats at Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant.

Nanbantei is a small cozy restaurant that has a good reputation for good yakitori, grilled skewered food, which explains the perpetual queue, and the need for luck to get seats without prior reservations. I'll have to say the bf was super lucky this time - there were 2 empty seats left and on a weekend evening no less!

Once in, diners are given a vegetable appetizer to munch on. The raw veggies go pretty well with the miso, but if you're not a veggie person, you can inform the waiters/waitresses that you do not want the appetizer. The appetizer is charged at $2 per serving.

The assorted yakitori were grilled wonderfully - all the sticks we ate had slightly charred exteriors yet the interiors were still juicy and there's a mild charcoal taste to heighten the taste of the meats. I'll let the pictures of the yakitori do the talking:

Tori Kimchi ($7.10)
Asparagus Maki ($6.20)
Kaki Maki ($8)
Shiitake ($6.10)
Kawa ($4.60)
Tokusei Tsukune ($7.60)
Shisamo ($8)
It's a feast for the eyes too as Nanbantei's open concept allows diners to watch the chef turn the skewers, sprinkle sea salt and the entire food preparation process on the charcoal grill.

Food at Nanbantei is a bit pricey but the quality is well worth it. Reservations can be made through phone, tel: 6733 5666.

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