Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Beauty Diary 2-Step Europe Clarifying Pack

My Beauty Diary has recently introduced 5 continents-themed masks - Africa Hydrating Pack, America Soothing Pack, Asia Brightening Pack, Europe Clarifying Pack & Oceania Firming Pack. They are 2-step which means each pack comes with the sheet mask and a sachet of cream/emulsion for application after the mask. The packaging are all so cute and colorful.

The Europe Clarifying Pack pairs the Black Rose Brightening Mask with Rose Honey Refining Gel. The black rose mask is meant to whiten, soothe and moisturize, improve dull skin conditions and yellow looking skin as well as repair skin to tighten pores and clarify. As for the rose honey gel, it's a flower honey extract that provides deep repair, brightens and regenerates the skin. The pack is said to be suitable for all skin types especially for dull and yellowish looking skin, acne and freckles marks.

The black rose mask smells so nice, just like a rose garden. Texture wise, it's the same as other MBD masks, thin and smooth. The cutting of the mask seems slightly bigger though.

After 20 mins of the mask, I piled on the rose honey on my face and patted for it to absorb into my skin. The gel is more than plenty for my face and neck and it just glides on onto the face.

Together, the mask and the gel work to give me noticeably more hydrated skin. I swear that my pores look much smaller in the mirror. It doesn't seem to do anything to the big pimple I have on my forehead though.

The MBD 5 continents packs are available at Watsons stores, $2 each.

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