Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Medicated Beauty After Care Gel by Musee Platinum Tokyo

The therapist at Musee Platinum Tokyo handed me some samples of the Medicated Beauty After Care Gel to try out after my IPL session with them.

She mentioned that it's supposed to help with the patch of super dry, flaky skin that I have on my leg. I've tried so many moisturizers, creams and there's no significant effect on the patch so I wasn't harboring much hopes.

Then again, no harm trying since the samples are free. (Yes, I'm being a cheapskate bunny here. LOL)

The gel itself is lightweight and it's completely odorless/ fragrance free. It absorbs pretty quickly into my skin and best of all, it's not greasy. It actually feels pretty good when applied, like draping silk over skin.

I couldn't make the head or tail out of the ingredient list and/or description at the back of the sample sachet as it was all in Japanese. So according to Musee's website, the gel is supposed to protect, moisturize, whiten and prevents ingrown hair.

One week into using the gel, I haven't noticed any whitening effects. On the other hand, I haven't suffered from any ingrowns (touchwood) after my IPL.

The dry flaky patch on my leg has also improved somewhat. It's still slightly darker and rougher than the surrounding skin, but it's not flaky anymore. I didn't take a before picture for comparison but you can see the after below.

For its effects, the medicated gel is not cheap. One 200g bottle costs $68. If you're not put off by the price tag like I am, the gel can be purchased at Musee's online store, which stocks only the gel.


  1. Hi may I know if you are still using the gel? Is it effective? I intend to use it on my underarm as it mentioned it helps you have any idea does it really helps whiten the underarm?

    1. Hi Jessie, I haven't used the gel on my underarms, so I can't tell if it's effective on that area. The whitening effect on my legs were hardly noticeable though. Hope this helps!