Friday, December 14, 2012

Canton Paradise @ Star Vista

The bunny had her virgin trip to Star Vista! The mall is part of the Capitamall mall group and is situated just next to Buona Vista MRT station. The architecture of the mall itself is pretty interesting - common areas are all non-air-conditioned. Shopping is kind of limited but Star Vista plays host to a number of eateries/ restaurants.

Canton Paradise is located at the basement of Star Vista, B1-45/46. The restaurant serves up Cantonese cuisine and all day dim sum. Like Paradise Dynasty, get a queue number and wait patiently for your turn as numbers are not called out in sequence.

The Plain Congee ($1.80) served with dough fritters were first up. The congee was really awesome - silky smooth, thick and creamy. The fritters on the other hand were not at all up to standard. They tasted flat, as though they have been left out in the open for a long longggg time.

The Pan-fried Water Chestnut with Osmanthus cake ($4.20) was a tad too oily but the combination of crunchy water chestnut and jelly-like kueh infused with delicate floral scent from the osmanthus flowers was pretty good. I would prefer a non-fried version if they had it.

For the Cheongfun with Scallop filling ($5.80), chefs certainly did not skimp on the scallops. The scallops were fresh and plump. The rice rolls were smooth and thin, but felt limp and made a mess when I tried to lift them with chopsticks.

Not a star in the aesthetics department, the Bacon Roll with Cheese ($4.80) scored well with the tastebuds. The item is made with slices of bacon wrapped round a succulent mixture of pork and shrimp filling and topped with a white sauce that is mildly flavored with cheese.

L to R: Pan-fried Water Chestnut with Osmanthus Cake, Steamed Cheongfun with Scallop and Bacon Roll with Cheese
Conversely, the roast meats looked salivating but were mediocre. The Char Siew was tough and the roasted pork was cold. The roast duck fared better with its tender flesh and crispy skin.

3 BBQ Combination ($22.80)
Last on the table was the Tofu with Salt & Pepper. The tofu cubes were fried to a lovely golden brown color with a crunchy exterior but that was just it. Basically, this dish was tasteless.

Being part of the Paradise Group, I expected more out of Canton Paradise. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed with the quality of the food.

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