Sunday, November 25, 2012

Paradise Dynasty @ Ion Orchard

Patience, patience and more of it.. As the bunny found out, that's what is needed to dine at the popular Paradise Dynasty.
The bf and I waited for more than half an hour to get a table on Sat. (Oh, just a friendly tip, get a queue number from the counter and wait for your turn outside the restaurant. Don't walk away because the queue numbers are not called out in sequence.) From then on, service was fast... Until you need to make payment and queue again. 

We were here to try the now famous colorful Dynasty Signature Xiao Long Bao ($13.80). It comes with a basket of 8 flavors - Original, Foie Gras, Black Truffle, Crab Roe, Ginseng, Cheesy, Garlic & Szechuan. Every table comes with a placard to show the sequence of eating the various flavored Xiao Long Baos for maximum dining pleasure. 

There are both hits and misses. The black truffle was full-bodied and earthy; the crab roe was sweet and creamy. Conversely, the garlic was pungent enough to ward off any vampires. Ultimately, I guess it boils down to personal preference. Overall, the Xiao Long Baos were pretty good; skins were thin and moist, and the soup was rich.

We also had the Chilled Salted Duck Slices, which the bf was fond of but I found the smell of duck overpowering.

I had the Hot & Sour La Mian ($8.50) as well. It starts out mellow, though towards the end of the bowl, I was almost tearing from the spiciness. The melody of sour and hot flavors is what makes this dish so irresistible. Bonus points for the noodles too; it's freshly made and very bouncy. You can see the noodles pulled in front of your eyes with the restaurant's open kitchen concept.

While I was relishing my la mian, the bf had his Shanghai Fried Rice served. It's darn good! It's not oily and every grain of rice was infused with the wok flavors.

To end off our meal, dessert was the Souffle Egg White Balls with Red Bean and Banana. This is probably the only item for dinner that was disappointing. It had the texture of doughnuts and was dense. Not soft and cottony like souffle balls should be.

The quote "Good things come to those who wait" is particularly apt when dining at Paradise Dynasty. Just be sure to start queuing before you're hungry!


  1. are you sure this is nice? i prefer din tai fung over this noodle and dumplings. v bad.

  2. Yup, I like the dumplings and noodles here. Din Tai Fung's dumplings are not bad but the skin is not as moist as the ones at Paradise Dynasty; the tips can be dry sometimes. I tried the hot & sour soup at Din Tai Fung and it's neither hot or sour. more like tofu soup.. Hence, I prefer Paradise's version.