Friday, November 9, 2012

Mini Sanrio Sale @ Isetan Orchard

Taken on the escalator.. Pardon the blurry pic!
The bunny spotted a mini Sanrio sale at Level 4 of Isetan Orchard today. I call it mini because the sale occupied only a very small corner in the shopping mall and I would have missed it completely if I wasn't deliberately looking out for it.

There were a number of Hello Kitty toys, some bags, coinbanks, stationaries and plushies that were up for grabs. In fact, a large proportion of the sale was dedicated to toys. While the items didn't attract me, I still think that this sale a good opportunity to pick up christmas presents for kids.

The sale runs from today till 15 Nov. The picture above is from the Isetan website. Flash to receive a $5 voucher while stocks last.

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