Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lunch @ Sushi Tei, VivoCity

Today's lunch was at Sushi Tei, located at the 2nd level of VivoCity. I haven't visited the restaurant chain for a while so I was looking forward to try items from their new promotion menu - The Perfect Interfusion. Honestly, I have no idea how it is in any sense fusion food (ok, maybe the spaghettis count...).

In the end, I ordered the Uni, Zuwai Crab, Ika & Salmon Don ($26) from the promotion menu while the rest of the dishes for lunch are from the main menu.

The seafood were pretty fresh. The uni (sea urchin) was creamy and smooth, while the ika (squid) and salmon were firm. My gripe was with the Zuwai Crab - it lacked sweetness and taste.

The bf chose the beef sukiyaki ($16) for his main. The soup base was a good harmony of sweet and salty. It tasted even better after absorbing the essence of the beef and veggies.

We also ordered the Yufu Sashimi ($20) and Hanasaki Ika Tempura ($6) as sides.

For the sashimi, we requested for the tako (octopus)  to be replaced with katsuo (seared skipjack tuna). The fishes are served on a bed of ice and are pretty fresh.

The Hanasaki Ika Tempura is essentially calamari, served Japanese style. It's the staple item that I must order whenever I visit Sushi Tei. The squid is fried with a very light batter and is always springy.

Overall, this visit to Sushi Tei left me pretty stuffed and has somewhat satisfied my craving for Jap food.

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