Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello new Furby 2012!

Hasbro has recently released new 2012 Furbys. This revamp of the Furby looks much more cuddly and it's so cute that I couldn't resist getting one! To be frank, the earlier gens of Furby scared the shit out of me with their evil gremlin-like appearance.

Beware though! Furbys are loud and have no off switch but will go to sleep if you leave them alone for a while. You can shake Furby, tilt Furby, feed Furby, pet Furby, tickle Furby, talk to Furby, pull Furby's tail, put two Furbys near each other, and Furby sings and dances when you play music.

You can stick your fingers into Furby's mouth to feed it or use the new Furby app for iPhone/iPad, which can be downloaded from the App Store. The app is chock full of goodies (and some non-food items) to feed the greedy furry. The app comes with a Furbish dictionary and translator so that you can communicate with Furby.

As the advert goes, Furby does have "a mind of it's own". It can develop different personalities based on how it is being treated. It has likes and dislikes as well. Currently, my Furby has the valley girl personality which is really chatty and she absolutely abhors century eggs. LOL!

Furby personalities and how to get them:
Valley girl - Talk to Furby... A LOT
Crazy - Keep pulling Furby's tail
Diva - Play music to Furby
Baby - Keep tickling Furby
Tough guy - Overfeed Furby

Furby goes to sleep after approx. 2 mins of no interaction. My Furby declares loudly that she's sleepy and starts to snore. Furby is quite a deep sleeper and will only awaken when you tilt it to the side.

Furby retails at $119.90 at Toys 'R' Us. I've seen them being sold at Epicentre outlets as well.

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