Thursday, November 29, 2012

Halal Jap Buffet @ Shin Tokyo, Clementi City Vibe

The gals decided to get coupons for Shin Tokyo's lunch buffet at $15 (excluding GST) and the bunny joined in. The deal consisted of white-plate sushi on the conveyor belt, a bowl of ramen and free flow green tea. Not bad, or so we thought...

We were surprised that at lunch time, the restaurant was still very quiet. Most of the tables were empty, except for a group or two other than my lunch party. We were about to discover why...

The types of sushi on the conveyor belt were limited - they didn't have my fav avocado salmon! :(

For the sushi itself, I tried the salmon ones and while the fish wasn't the freshest, it was still passable. The rice was a completely different story, it was so compact that the rice grains lost the fluffy texture; just imagine eating a rice brick - yucks!

We waited almost 15mins for the ramen to be served and it was almost cold when the bowls reached us. The stock was tasty but I'm sure it would have been better if it was warm.

Halfway through our meal, houseflies decided that they too want to join us girls for lunch as well and hovered over our food and heads.

Honestly, $15 is cheap for a Japanese all-you-can eat but the bunny will definitely say no thank you to Shin Tokyo for lunch in future!

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