Saturday, November 10, 2012

Food factory sales part 1: Food Warehouse Sales @ SFI

This post is the first In the series of articles where the bunny explores the various food factories for good deals.

Singapore Food Industries (SFI) is having a warehouse sale this weekend 10 - 11 Nov at their premises, 234 Pandan Loop.

The place is a little out of way so I would recommend to drive or take a cab there. It helps that there is a pretty spacious parking area, and parking is free.

There were plenty of staff around to guide visitors. Also, my group was greeted warmly the moment we entered the sale area.

The outside area
There are 2 main areas, outside and in the cold room. For the area outside, that's where the staff give out samples of food and balloons to kids. The staff were handling out samples of Farmpride popcorn chicken when I walked passed. Here, I spotted CJ sauces, Kellogs cereal, jellies/puddings, dry pasta and vermicelli. I was aiming straight at the ice-cream, Ben & Jerry's were going at $13.50 each.

Entrance to the cold room
The other area was the cold room. Photography wasn't permitted beyond this point.

Be prepared to wear something warm if you are planning to spend time in the cold room area to suss out good stuff. I literally hopped out of this walk-in refrigerator in less than 5 mins as it was soooooo cold! There's much more gems to be found here than the area outside. I found Crunchy Fresh salad, fresh fruits like tomatoes, different cuts of beef, seafood, frozen turkey, Farmpride frozen meats and Liv butter. Prices are slightly cheaper than supermarkets.

SFI organizes it's warehouse sales on a monthly basis. Check out their Facebook page for the dates of upcoming sales.

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