Saturday, November 24, 2012

Food factory sales part 3: Ben Foods staff shop

This is the 3rd post in the series of articles on food sales where the bunny explores the various food factories in Singapore for good deals.

The bunny has hopped to 1 Fishery Port Road where Ben Foods is located to sniff out the going ons.

There's actually 2 places to shop at the premises - one a very small 2-storey room which stocks dry/packaged items such as potato chips, canned foodstuff, packaged milk, pasta, sauces etc; the other is a cold room with loads of glorious meat.

I grabbed a pack of Farmland potato chips ($2.20, UP: $3.15) from the first room and quickly proceeded to the cold room where most of the real goodies (and human traffic) are.

At the cold room, I picked up Emmi brand swiss cheese at $2, 1 kg of streaky bacon at $12.80, pork chops and spotted various cuts of beef and seafood such as scallops, cod, snapper and mussels going at below retail prices.

If you're planning to buy anything, do check the expiry dates. I've noticed that for some of the items, they are way cheap, but the expiry is less than a month away.

Payment wise, cash and credit cards are accepted.

Ben Foods staff shop opens every Sat, 10am -12nn.

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