Friday, November 16, 2012

Dinner @ Ayam Penyet Ria, Far East Plaza

The bf and I wasn't intending to have fried chicken for dinner, but seeing the long queues everywhere else, we decided to drop by Ayam Penyet Ria. This Indonesia restaurant has several branches island-wide, so for the record, the branch that this bunny visited was located at Far East Plaza, #05-22.

Both of us settled for chicken - Ayam Penyet (Smashed fried chicken) ($6.90) for the bf and Boneless Chicken Chunk ($6.90) for me.

The bf's Ayam Penyet arrived at the table pretty quickly, but unlike pictures shown in the menu, it was breast meat instead of the chicken drumstick. It was accompanied with kang kong, beancurd and beancake as well as their in-house chili.

My chicken chunks arrived about 10 minutes later and I really starving at this point. This is supposed to make me feel that my food tastes better than it is right? In this case, not really...

The chicken tasted ok, but was a little too oily for my liking. On it's own, it felt like something was missing to wow, but on the other hand, I could not stomach pairing the chicken with the chili. The chili is a concentrated source of fire power; I had to down half a cup of milo just to cool down the heat generated by a small mouthful of the chili.

The rice serving is on the small side as well. I mean it's the only time where I can finish the entire plate of rice myself! I'm considered a small eater, so I would imagine that people with normal appetites won't be satisfied. 

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