Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cheese fondue @ King Pot, East Coast Park

At Big Splash, East Coast Park, #01-05, King Pot is a whole different ball game from the run of the mill hot pot stalls.. It's almost fine dining. The decor of the place is tastefully done and waiters serve you with a smile the moment you walk in. The manager (or the person I assume to be the manager) was very friendly and patiently recommended drinks for us.

When it comes to cheese fondue, images of warm, gooey, viscous and decadent melted cheese accompanied by food that is meant to be dipped into the mixture flashes across my mind. It was also what I had envisioned my meal to be when I bought the "Fresh Lobster Cheese Fondue at King Pot" off Deal.com.

Initially, the bf and I happily waited for the fondue but we were really shocked when the 2 pots of cheese finally arrived - it was cheese soup, not the gooey melted cheese that was expected, but thin, watery cheese flavored soup! The bf was really upset about this and he is still whining about it, 4 hours after the meal. The word fondue was really an inapt description - cheese soup base hot pot would have been better.

Fondue issue aside, I would say that the food at King Pot is rather good. All the ingredients in the Lobster set were fresh. The lobster was succulent and tasted of the sea; the dory fish was sweet and the bread was crusty and absorbed the soup well. Though the portions look small at first glance, I was full after the meal, probably because the meal is heavy on the carbs with the fettuccine and the bread.

King Pot wins this bunny over with their fresh ingredients, unusual soup bases such as french onion soup and the impeccable service from the staff. What's keeping me back from potentially revisiting the restaurant is their not so friendly to the wallet prices..

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