Saturday, November 3, 2012

BBQ Chicken @ The Central

Though there's a good variety of restaurants and food outlets at The Central, the bf and I are pretty tired of eating the same foods over. We decided to give BBQ Chicken a try as it was a new restaurant to us.

According to the menu, rather than the widely accepted barbeque, BBQ stands for Best of the Best Quality.

I beg to differ.
The food served at BBQ Chicken was mediocre at best. It quickly became apparent why the restaurant was scantily filled at dinner time on a weekend.

I ordered the Korean Traditional Charbroiled Chicken while the bf had the Pan Fried Sambal Fish. BBQ Chicken was having a promotion so our meals came with soup of the day and Sjora drink.

Mushroom soup on left & Chicken and Vegetable Soup on right
I wasn't expecting much of the soups since they were free, but these fell even lower than my almost non-existent expectations. The mushroom soup was nothing more than canned soup.. Er, make that very very salty canned soup. Campbell's would have done better. As for the Chicken and Veg soup, it had a film of oil at the top and where was the chicken??

My Korean Traditional chicken ($14.90) tasted just like normal teriyaki chicken. The gravy that came with my chicken was very watery. Less than halfway through the meal, the fries were soaked with the gravy and turned into a oily, mushy mess. The coleslaw was too watery as well and liquid was dripping when i attempted to lift the veggies with a fork.

My bf's Sambal Fish ($14.90) didn't fare much better either. The sambal tasted more like bean paste more than anything else. It's definitely not the sambal that Singaporeans are used to. Also, the mashed potato was this close to tasteless and the gravy that accompanied the mashed potato was no more than salt.

Unless there's a major improvement in the quality of food, this will be my first and last visit to BBQ Chicken.

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