Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Organic Shampoo - Avalon Organics

I just had a hellish visit to my beautician. She spent at least 45mins trying to squeeze out all the pimple on my face and it was sooooo painful!

My beautician mentioned that my breakout could be caused by the shampoo I'm using for my hair, since the bumps are all near the hairline. My first reaction to that was: "Huh, what has shampoo got to do with the face?" Turns out that the chemicals in the shampoo sticks to the hair and transfers to the face even after washing. The worse seems to be ammonium and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which dries the skin and causes it to produce more sebum, thus, causing clogging pores and encouraging bacteria growth.

My beautician recommended Avalon Organics shampoo which doesn't contain SLS. It's sold at Watsons stores. I grabbed the Lavender Shampoo and it smells just like lavender essential oil.. As for the efficacy, let's wait a few days to see...

2 weeks after using the shampoo, my hair feels soft but slightly dry. I really need to pile up on the conditioner with this shampoo.
On the bright side, the super big pimples near my hairline have subsided and flattened substantially. Woo hoo!~

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