Wednesday, October 17, 2012

French dinner @ The Tastings Room

The bf bought vouchers to The Tastings Room off Groupon, so there we went for dinner. The Tastings Room is located at Marina Square, #01-08.

Perhaps due to renovation works starting soon (the restaurant is closed from 1 - 30 Nov), there were a number of dishes that we wanted to try but were not available. To compound matters, the waitress who took our orders wasn't sure what was available and what wasn't. Not a very good first impression.

In the end, the bf settled for 63° “Sous Vide” Pork Belly with Crackling Skin; for me, the Confit of French Duck Leg and an additional Earl Grey Crème Brulee with Poached Pear to share.

Sous Vide is literally translated as "under vacuum" from French. The Tasting Rooms version is cooked "Sous Vide" for 24 hours at 63 degrees. The meat was nicely layered between muscle and fat and was so tender. I was especially fond of the crackling skin and it reminded me of chips.

I was rather disappointed with my duck leg. Yes, the meat was tender and fell from the bone. However, the skin was not at all crispy - it was fatty and flabby. Every bite was reminding me of just how much fats I was consuming. The greasiness also made me tire of the dish after just a few bites.

The highlight of the day would have to be the Earl Grey Crème Brulee. The layer of sugar at the top was caramelized nicely and the custard was rich and flavored with aromatic Earl Grey. The berries were tangy and worked to balance the sweetness from the burnt sugar. Heavenly!

The Tastings Room carries an impressive variety of wine to complement their menu, but the bf and I decided not to drink as it was a weeknight.

The dinner set us back about $80 in all. Not the most expensive but not cheap either.

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