Saturday, October 13, 2012

Family Dinner at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant, IMM

It's a pretty normal Saturday, with the bf visiting and Daddy and Mummy just decided to have a family dinner outside. 
So Long Beach it was for dinner... 

The Long Beach Seafood restaurant branch at IMM is situated at the 3rd level. From the restaurant, you can catch lovely views of the garden outside.

First on the table was the bamboo clam. The clam was cooked with generous amounts of garlic which lends fragrance to the dish while the rice noodles soaked up the goodness of the rich stock. The clam itself was fresh and succulent.

Served next, was the Crispy Baby Squid. It was a let down as the squid wasn't as crispy and crunchy as I would have liked, but turned out to be on the hard side.

The squid was followed by Sambal Kangkong, the must order item whenever I dine with Daddy or the bf. The version at Long Beach was decent, with just enough spiciness to tantalize the tastebuds.

The tofu is our 4th dish. Presentation wise, the dish doesn't look impressive. However, taste wise, it's actually pretty good! The tofu is fried to crispiness on the outside, yet leaving the inside still silky smooth. The cucumber shreds on the top dispels the oiliness of the tofu and the pork floss adds flavor to the otherwise bland tofu.

The crabs came highly recommended so we ordered a med sized one, cooked with black pepper. The crab meat is firm and sweet and since we ordered a female crab, there's plenty of roe as well. The black pepper sauce is on the spicy side so Mummy and I were struggling to finish our portions.

We also ordered the Peking Duck. Trust me on this, skip this dish! Instead of the usual egg skins, it seems that Long Beach has substituted with store bought flour popiah skins... Bleh! Also, the duck skin was soggy and was cut in a way that a thick layer of fat was stuck with it. The hoisin sauce that was meant to accompany the peking duck was cloying as well.

Part II of the Peking Duck - Duck meat stir-fried with scallions and ginger. 

Finally, dessert time! The bf ordered the Yam Paste with Gingko nuts while the rest of us got the Hashima.

The yam paste tasted really funny. The yellow liquid added to yam paste tasted like corn syrup and certainly did not complement the yam paste.

As for the hashima, it tasted decent, but lacked the fragrance of pandan leaves which my Grandma usually adds when she boils this dessert.

For Long Beach, I guess you really have to stick to the dishes of their namesake - Seafood...

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