Sunday, June 17, 2012

Disappointing lunch @ Sakura International Buffet, SAFRA Jurong

To celebrate Father's Day today, we decided to try out Sakura's new branch at SAFRA Jurong for lunch.

The dining experience was a DISASTER...

To start off, the sashimi at the Japanese counter were really soggy. The cutting skills of the chef left much to be desired as well. Also, the restaurant should have provided separate food tongs for the sashimi and sushi - diners were using the tongs interchangeably as both tongs provided were at the sashimi level.

The teriyaki saba fish was tough and powdery.

The rice oyster I tried was more rice than oyster; in fact, the oyster was so puny that it probably only consisted of 1/8 of the oyster shell it was served in and the rest of the space was filled with rice and covered with cheese.

The laksa was edible, but lacking in fragrance and the gravy was on the watery side.

Other cooked foods, such as the squid with petai beans weren't replenished.

Fried foods such as chicken nuggets, salmon skin, tempura prawns and kakiage are available and are probably the most decent offerings in the restaurant. Afterall, how wrong can fried food go?

Dessert was disappointing too. The ice cream sitting in the tubs were as hard as rocks. I tried the brown sugar mochi but I could might as well have bitten into rubber. The staff took a long time before replenishing the fresh fruits as well.

If I had to find a particular item that I liked, it would be the bunny bun.
I ate my own kind!! Ahhhhhh!

Mind you, the taste isn't anything to rave about, I'm only attracted to it's cute appearance (I'm eating my own kind!!)

This is one restaurant that I will never, ever, patronize again.

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