Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dinner at Kar Pin Grilled Seafood (Chomp Chomp) during the downpour

It's the first time I got a carpark space at Chomp Chomp... Ok, near Chomp Chomp... And I managed to parallel park, in a heavy downpour! (Pats myself on the back)

The bf and I settled for dinner at this relatively new looking stall called Kar Pin Grilled Seafood since there weren't many other choices for seats and our movement were restricted by the rainwater and puddles on the floor. Half of the seating at the food centre were unsheltered and thus wet - Not a weather friendly design at all.

Thankfully, standards at this stall was pretty good and their menu was able to satisfy my craving for spicy food this cold, dreary evening.

The first dish served was the Sambal Kangkong (as I have mentioned in previous posts, it's the must order item whenever I dine with the bf or daddy). The chillies in this plate of kangkong packed a tremendous punch and by the third mouthful, I was perspiring despite the cold weather. Still, the crunchiness and tastiness of the dish kept me wanting more.

Our second item on the order was the prawn rolls. This is the only non-spicy dish ordered today. It was slightly on the oily side. Also, I had hoped that the rolls were less mushy and the skin could be even crispier. It was a shame that the flavor of the prawns in the prawn rolls weren't fully brought out as well.

The next dish made my day! The spicy stingray was so well done, it's almost perfect! The skin of the stingray was bbq-ed till it was slightly charred yet the flesh remained tender. The sambal chilli was spicy enough without overwhelming the dish. In addition, the balance from the tangy tomatoes and lime juice brought out the sweetness of the fish.

Last dish up was the spicy squid. I'm usually not a fan of the tentacled creature since few places can cook it right. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised that this stall can serve up well-cooked squid that is not overly chewy. It doesn't hurt that the squid used was really fresh as well.

I'm definitely looking forward to re-visiting Chomp Chomp, hopefully on a fair-weather day next time to try out other foods available. Till then, the spicy stingray from Kar Pin Seafood remains in my mind...

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