Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Comparison on Groupon & BigDeal's refund process

The bunny is a firm believer of Murphy's law; what can go wrong will go wrong. This is especially true for group buy sites, they are the middleman after all.

I've had the misfortune to come across deals that require refunds from both Groupon and BigDeal. Here's a quick comparison of the stark contrast in the refund process with both companies.

The deal that was refunded
Gelish mani + full pedi
Cold Perm / Highlights / Blackmud Hair Ends Treatment
Value of deal
Why refund was requested
Due to overwhelming response of the deal, the merchant was unable to cope. Hence. I was unable to get an appointment.
Merchant was being misleading here. Said that the perm I wanted was not covered in the deal and required a top-up of $50 just for the hair ends.
Refund policy (according to the site)
“If you ever feel like Groupon let you down, give us a call and we will return your purchase – simple as that.”
“If the deal has ended you could still get a refund! There will be a 10% administrative charge on the coupon value (or $2, whichever is higher).
But the good news is, we will refund you even if you have missed the redemption expiry date (up to 30 days) unless the deal has a special term and condition that states that refund is not allowed."
The refund process
I called Groupon and promptly got a refund in credits within 3 days. As their promise states, it’s “simple as that”.
Emailed BigDeal for a refund as they do not have a phone service on weekends. The matter ding-donged for ONE MONTH with multiple emails before my correspondent finally sent the request to the finance department. I am still waiting for the refund to appear in my statement.
The experience
A happy bunny who will always be a repeated customer. Love the hassle-free experience.
I have basically given up on the refund. Thankfully, the amount is still pretty small. Forget about me ever returning to BigDeal.

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