Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bunny's comparison of yoga centres in SG

In a bid to get fit and lose some weight, I've been signing up for trial sessions at the various yoga centres to get a feel before I commit my hard earned cash..

So far, I've went for sessions at True Yoga, Pure Yoga, Bikram Yoga Harbourfront and Real Yoga. Below is my summary of the yoga centres compiled for easy reference. For clarity sake, all sessions at the various centres are for hot yoga and the info below is my experience with the yoga centres. Yours may differ with different consultants, staff, instructors, time slots etc.

True Yoga
Pure Yoga
Bikram Yoga Harbourfront
Real Yoga
Class Size
Big class, with ample spacing between mats.
Big class, with ample spacing between mats.
Relatively small class/ studio compared to True and Pure. Very cramped.
Small class, empty mats around
Class difficulty
Was not able to keep up with all the poses. Pace was fast. Caters to more experienced yogis.
Moderate pace. Instructor takes note to pay more attention to newbies.
Moves are relatively easy to follow. There’s no/ little variation as instructors seem to be reading from a script.
Pace was on the slower side. Instructor goes to everyone in the class to correct the postures and make sure everyone is able to follow.
Lockers provided (need to bring own padlock).
Enough showers and toilets to cater. Towel, body wash, shampoo and conditioner provided. Hairdryer available.
Enough lockers to spare (need to bring own padlock).
Ample shower and toilet facilities. Towel, body wash, shampoo and conditioner provided. Hairdryer available.
Plastic bags for soiled clothes available.
Had to fight for lockers (access key provided at counter). 2 toilet cubicles and 6 shower rooms. Luckily one of the toilets in Harbourfront Centre was quite near to the studio. Was a mad rush to get to the showers after class.
Hairdryer available.
Lockers provided (need to bring own padlock). Enough showers and toilets. Towel and body wash provided.
Hairdryer available.
Staff attitude
Hard sell. Kept calling/ sms-ing to ask when I would like to sign on or attend another class.
My consultant, Ja****e, was unable to certain questions like how often the yoga mats were sent for cleaning. She kept giving me daft remarks such as keep smiling and the benefits of yoga (which I told her I am already aware), but was not able to tell me the advantages of Pure other than “we have many celebrity clients”. Big deal!   
Friendly, no hard sell at all. Sign in at the counter and they pass you your towel and locker access card. Fuss-free.
Counter staff was brusque, but my consultant, Lo****a seemed friendly enough. She even observed me during my trial session to see if the class suited me. No pushy tactics.
About $150/mth, did not bother to go into details with True after the hardsell.
$164/mth for 12mth agreement. Joining fee of $150 and $108 processing fee.
$2,637 for 18mth agreement.
$242/mth for 12mth agreement.
$2,610 for 18mth agreement. Joining fee of $120 and $90 processing fee. (Cannot rem the rest)


  1. The table is very useful! Thanks so much for the compilation of the comparisons among the different yoga centers! :)

  2. Hi, just to clarify that Bikram yoga only focuses on 26 poses that's why you found that there was no variation... Nevertheless thanks for the comparison table :)

  3. wow! Yoga in singapore is expensive! $2000+ lump sum payment?

    1. Interest free installments are available from various banks

  4. Believe whether instructors walk around to correct posture depends on the individual instructors rather than the studio u attend.

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