Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sakuraya Fish Mart @ Parkway Parade

The bf and I were shopping at Parkway Parade and being a "westie", it was my virgin trip to this shopping mall. It was a really fruitful trip - the bf got what he went there for and the bunny (me), stumbled onto a lovely restaurant while trying to fill her tummy.

The concept of Sakuraya Fish Mart is really interesting. The front of the shop space is a supermarket specializing in Japanese products and the back of the shop is a Japanese food haven. Also, you can choose your sashimi grade fish from the front and get the chef to slice it for you to enjoy in the restaurant space at no extra charge (of course, you still have to pay for the fish!).

We ordered the 25th Anniversary Sashimi Plate, sushi and baby octopus.

Finally, a place that serves really fresh sashimi at pocket friendly prices! The entire meal cost only about $30. The bf and I found this gem at Parkway Parade, #B1-84D.

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