Friday, June 15, 2012

Dinner @ MEDZS, Millenia Walk

Today's dinner at MEDZS again...

MEDZS has become one of my favorite places for European cuisine at reasonable prices. The dining concept at MEDZS is similar to Marche - you'll be given a charge card to use at the different stations in the restaurant and payment is made at the end of your visit. There are 8 stations in the restaurant which offers French, Spanish, Morrocan, Turkish, Greek and Mediterreanean foods, as well as a craft beer bar.

The restaurant at Millenia Walk is hidden in a corner next to TCC and can missed easily if you're not looking.

My order was Duck Leg Confit ($16). The skin of the duck is cooked to a perfect crisp and you can hear it crackle when you bite into it. The meat itself was moist and tender, yet maintaining some slight chewiness.

I couldn't resist the lure of the dessert station and ordered a Chocolate Souffle served with ice cream. I'm sure glad that I did, but I guess my waistline won't be thanking me. This delicate dessert was baked to perfection with a still soft interior. The vanilla sauce and ice cream adds a nice touch and complements the souffle well.

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