Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anniversary Dinner at Le Pont de Vie

After a good amount of research on the net, I decided to give my boyfriend a treat at Le Pont de Vie for our 2nd anniversary. Located at 26 Kandahar Street, Le Pont de Vie has been frequently described as a hidden gem.

The place gave off a cozy and serene atmosphere from the moment we stepped in. The restaurant was dimly lighted and candlelight on each table added a warm glow. Music playing in the background was soft and soothing. Generally, the ambiance of the restaurant is great for couples on dates or those who want a quiet dinner.

While waiting for our appetizers to be served, we were presented with a complementary basket of bread with black truffle butter. The truffle butter was really good and the bread was warm and fresh.

For starters, I ordered a Cheese & Black Truffle Soufflé while my bf had the Sea Scallops.
Cheese Souffle
The cheese soufflĂ© was rich and nicely prepared. My bf’s Sea Scallops were succulent and had a spring to it when chewed.

For the mains, I had their signature dish, the Duck Confit. My bf wanted to try their Tuna Steak, but unfortunately, they were out and settled on the Premium Cut, which was rib-eye steak when we went. The wafting aroma of the Duck Confit made my mouth water when it first arrived. The duck leg was crispy on the outside while the meat was tender. The sauce that accompanied the duck was slightly tangy and goes really well with the meat. My bf was also quite satisfied with his juicy steak. 

Duck Confit
Premium Cut

Dessert was slightly disappointing though. We ordered the Chocolate Molten Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. The cake was just a tad overdone. Though the center of the cake was still soft, chocolate wasn’t oozing out.
The dessert

Staff present were friendly without coming across as overly chummy. Throughout the meal, they promptly cleared finished dishes and refilled water. Thumbs up for the service! Overall, I spent $166.01 for this dinner. Le Pont de Vie charges an additional 10% for service but absorbs GST. Also, there is a 2% discount if you choose to pay by NETS or cash.

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