Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello Kitty X My Beauty Diary

Spotted the masks at Watsons.. As enlightened by my girlfriends, My Beauty Diary (MBD) is a rather well known brand in Taiwan. Guess I'm a bit slow at jumping on the MBD wagon. It is so popular that unscrupulous businessmen have come up with fakes of this mask.

The one i bought is the strawberry milk mask and it's supposed to have whitening and smoothening effects.
There's 3 different types of Hello Kitty designs on the individual mask packs (10 per box).

Here's my review on it~
Pros: Mask sheets are really thin, so it adheres to my face very well. It smells really yummy too, just like a strawberry milkshake! Beauty effects wise, it was really great that it did not irritate my sensitive skin - no redness! Also, the moisturizing effects are very noticeable.
Cons: Contains mineral oil. I hope it doesn't clog up my pores... Also, I can't bear to tear open the package for mask as it is sooooo cute!

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